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Il Laghetto

Restaurant & Wine Bar

Il Laghetto, a restaurant in La Morra, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a wine bar born on the banks of a pond, surrounded by woods and vineyards that frame the restaurant run entirely by Sara and Antonio. Sara takes care of the customers, the organization of the tables and the service.
Antonio as well as being the manager of Il Laghetto is also the Chef, who takes care of the choice of products and the preparation of all dishes on the menu.


Il Laghetto, is a beautiful location in which to spend hours of relax. The dehor, overlooking the lake is surrounded by vineyards and one of the largest and most beautiful woods of the hills of Barolo. Right in this forest, two of the 7 trails of La Morra leave, allowing you to walk through vineyards, villages and woods. These paths in the Langhe hills are connected to each other and allow you to reach unique panoramic points. Inside, a room in which to welcome customers in case of bad weather.


Antonio and Sara have marked Il Laghetto on a traditional cuisine, with dishes prepared by Antonio. The choice of raw materials is fundamental for the creation of tasty and healthy dishes, in fact there is a continuous research on the choice of products. In the same way, the wines offered are wines produced by the cellars of the area. The area of ​​Alba, Barolo and all the Langhe in general, has many producers of wines, which every year produce the best Italian wines such as Nebbiolo, Barolo.

Camper area and Lake

Il Laghetto, as well as being a traditional restaurant with a wide range of wines, has a camper area, which welcomes tourists from all over Europe. The parking areas have all the necessary services like the independent electrical connection and the unloading area. At the lake, the association ASD Pesca Sportiva Lamorrese, whose presidents is the Chef of Il Laghetto, promotes trout fishing, from September to May. Furthermore, numerous initiatives aimed at school groups are organized during the year.

Our Chef

About Antonio Mucci

The passion and love for cooking led our chef to prepare dishes in many restaurants. Thanks to the passion for the Piedmontese territory and specifically for the Langhe, Il Laghetto, Restauran La Morra & Wine Bar, today boasts a cuisine rich in high quality products, together with a selection of local wines.

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restaurant la morra chef antonio muccia
White Truffle in Asti, Barolo, La Morra, Neive

About Alba Truffle Hunting Tours

Restaurant La Morra dishes

Besides being a great chef, Antonio Mucci is also an expert truffle hunter.
Antonio and Sara have a 15-year experience in the restaurant business and today with their “Il Laghetto, restaurant La Morra” they have the project to create an environment immersed in nature in which to eat the typical dishes of Piedmont cuisine accompanied by the best Barolo wines and white truffle products in the surrounding hills.

At Il Laghetto Restaurant you can taste the typical Italian pasta, prepared with fresh eggs and high quality flour, seasoned with sauces prepared by the Chef.

Passion, love for cooking, allowed our chef to broaden his knowledge about food and then choose to prepare dishes with local Italian meat.

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