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Piedmont Truffle Hunting Tours

Piedmont region Truffle Hunting Tours is a small tour operator that provides Barolo Wine Tours & Truffle Hunting Adventure Experience.
Both tours are typically associate with rare experience.
Travel Langhe, discover Piedmont, wine and Truffles from Alba.

Truffle hunting tours alba
Truffle hunting Alba
Discover Piedmont

A Beautiful food experience to search and tasting black and white truffles in the heart of Piedmont.

Italian pasta and truffle
Truffle hunting Barolo
Travel Langhe

Barolo is very important for the red wine and the precious truffles hidden in the woods.

truffle hunter la morra antonio mucci
Truffle hunting La Morra
Discover Piedmont

Try the truffle hunting experience in the hills of La Morra accompanied by Trifolau.

Truffle Hunting Tours Asti
Truffle hunting Asti
Hunting Experience

Spend a day to search truffle in Asti woods for a unique experience with truffle dog and its piedmontese trifolau

Trifulau and his truffle dog
Truffle hunting Neive
Adventure Experience

Neive is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 50 kilometres

Chef Antonio Mucci

Our Chef

With more than 10 years of experience, Antonio Mucci is the chef of Il Laghetto, as well as being an expert Trifolau. After the truffle hunting experience you can taste a truffle-based dish prepared by our Chef-Trifolau.

Find truffle and lear how to make great recipes

Italian Cooking Lesson

What is a truffle? How do you eat?
During this food experience in Italy you can find out what it is and how to best use the black and white truffles in your dishes and with which wines to taste these products of the earth.

There are many variations in the preparation of a simple dish with egg and truffle. Two simple products that together create a gourmet dish, tasty and refined.

Italian Black Truffles

One of the typical dishes of Italian cuisine, pasta seasoned with flakes of white and black truffles like meat and pasta. Tagliatelle, fettuccine or spaghetti of first quality, to which fresh and tasty truffle flakes are added.

Three White truffles

Many products and condiments based on truffles, such as truffle oil, are created. The truffle added to extra virgin olive oil, will flavor our seasoning to be added on many dishes such as pasta and egg or to prepare delicious appetizers.

Two Black truffles
delicious Italian cuisine

Black and white truffle tasting

By booking a truffle hunting tour you can go in search of truffles together with the local Trifolau and taste a truffle-based dish such as an egg with truffles or the typical Italian pasta dressed with truffle flakes and many other typical Piedmontese dishes.

il laghetto sandwiches
Il Laghetto, Restaurant La Morra Sandwiches

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